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About Drew

About me:

My name is Drew Dawson Davis and I'm a singer/Vocal coach who is passionate about using my proven and professional techniques to teach singers all over the world how to sing in ways they've never dreamed of before. Some of them are famous and you might even have their records. But I also teach people who aren't famous, but every bit as talented and worthy of having the ability to sing great. As a singer My videos on YouTube have gained almost 9 million views. To see the view count explode on a video with your voice on it is a very cool experience. It validates your work and reminds you that all of the time and effort you put into your craft is worth it.  I've had my songs played on the radio "in rotation" in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. That means they were chosen along with the other most popular hit songs at the time to be replayed over and over multiple times a day.  One was the most requested song on the radio at one point in time and am very proud of that.  It was amazing to drive down the freeway and hear your own voice come through your favorite country radio station to thousands of people at one time. Now that's a feeling and experience I will never forget.  Feel free to listen to "Stars In Her Eyes" below in the player, or to check out my YouTube channel click here.

I've been into major record labels such as Sony BMG, and Warner Bro's Records there on Music Row in Nashville TN. as well as had other offers and open doors from the likes of Dreamworks and Bug music etc.  Singing has allowed me the opportunity to meet the Rascal Flatts along with their band members and sing songs to be pitched directly to them.  Gary and Jay are great guys, and Jo Don is as genuine a guy as I've seen. Their steel guitar player Travis is also great and hilarious as well. Chank who plays fiddle for the Flatts is great too. He's a Cajun guy, so he's as down to earth as can be...and actually reached out to me back in the day just to say hello. That was before I even had a YouTube account, so the fact that he went out of his way to say hello to me speaks volumes. My entire experience with all of them has been that way. 

I lived in Nashville for a handful of years and have worked with, and continue to work with the biggest names in the music business. This includes producers, label executives, publishers, songwriters, and my personal favorite being the best voice Instructors in the world. Due to my passion for the best information and vocal techniques available I learned the SLS Method created by a genius named Seth Riggs. He taught Micheal Jackson and every other big name artist you can think of back in the late 80's 90's and on. His method created an entire generation of amazing singers, and effected the vocal coaching industry in profound ways. His method is without a doubt used by at least some of your favorite vocalists today. I learned his method and understudied with the best vocal coaches there are. Coaches such as Brett Manning, who started out as simply being my vocal coach but became a close friend of mine over the course of time. Brett Taught Taylor Swift, Keith Urban and the rest.

I also worked with Jeffrey Skouson who was #2 in command under Seth in the SLS organization and he gave me the right foundations to start from. There were many many others as well. Each master I met contributed something to my singing ability so I learned everything I could from them and continued to build on their foundations with my own experience. Because I was open minded to all singing techniques I have taken all the best kept secrets voice has to offer from all the best coaches and created my very own method of teaching today. You could call it a condensed version of a long process. I hesitate to say shortcut because this is a process you will have to put work into, but when you know what you're supposed to be doing, and why, you'll experience groundbreaking success that makes this thing we call singing a WHOLE LOT easier. That's why I'm here. Because better singers make better people 

 I've worked with Grammy nominated songwriters such as Steve Seskin (Don't Laugh At Me by Mark Wills), Award winning producers such as Carson Chamberlain (Billy Currington, Easton Corbin, Mark Wills etc. he also has written songs for George Strait and more.)  Garth Fundis (Sugarland, Trisha Yearwood etc.).  I've opened for many large acts such as SheDaisy and The Little River Band. I continue to sing demos for songwriters and who pitch to major artists such as Rascal Flatts, Keith Urban, Big and Rich, Quincy Jones, and many more.  I've written songs with writers who have worked with Herbie Hancock.  I've worked for Google to make voice overs for cartoons for children.

It really is a small world and it seems I've one way or another rubbed shoulders and/or worked with and run into most people at one point or another. The cool thing is with all this experience I can teach you to be successful at singing in ways no other vocal coach alive can. I'll teach you to blend this technique with your very own style so you're ready to perform in front of others with confidence whether it's a small crowd or a large one. Once you feel confident in your voice you'll be able to record your voice and share or sell your records and take your rightful place on stage and radio if you desire to.  Even If you just want to learn to sing in the car, I teach beginners too and my practices are great for all levels of singing from beginners all the way to advanced vocalists alike (ages 6-99). I look forward to helping you find your voice.

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Drew Dawson Davis - Stars In Her Eye's

This was the first song I ever had on the radio and I'm still proud of where I've come from.

Types of Vocal Coaches

The proof is in the pudding as they say


Most vocalists have noticed there are different ways to sing and different styles and perspectives when it comes to voice teachers. We see the Opera type who want us to “Sing from our Diaphragm” and very “Ivory Tower” like. They are great if you want to sing in Opera but that sound and teaching won't do very well for a heavy mixed radio voice. Then there are teachers who teach people to sing like the 80's rock singers. These coaches usually have long hair and make their name on the fact that they can sing high. They can teach you some cool things...however they usually make some very dangerous errors when singing and due to their technique have very thin chest tones which leave almost every singer feeling incomplete and lacking in the commercial chest tone area we all want and need to be successful. Then there are the teachers who teach choir and have singers push somewhat at the break in full chest tones..or let go into an airy and pretty disconnected sound. While that sound might work in your choir class it doesn't work for a radio sound 99% of artists are looking for because they don't teach them to sing in a"mixed voice". 

That leaves where I fit in the picture. Most artists want to sing in what we call “The Mix", Which is a blend of head and chest tones which make up a more dynamic and interesting sound.  This not only gives you awesome overtones in your voice but gives range as well. The vocalists I work with want a connected full sound all the way to the top with a cool sheen, gloss, and ping in the high notes yet still have warm chest tones to round out their voice. Having these overtones is vital to a commercial voice. Think of this kind of training like turning up both the treble AND bass in your car stereo. That way you get beautiful clear and full high notes as well as equally warm and full low notes. It also allows for more control with runs and trills that make a passionate performance. I have spent over 17 years perfecting this technique and process and there's nothing like it.

The cool thing about how I teach is that I haven't locked myself into one way of thinking. Even after all this time I still speak with the best names in voice and continue my journey to master voice. Learning isn't a destination, it's a journey. I've looked into every perspective, spoken to all the best names in voice, and taken the best thoughts and techniques to create my way of teaching. But the cool thing is what this will do for you. My experience as your teacher gives you a huge library of singing methods and a well rounded foundation that gets you to the results faster and better than any other way.  

Personality dictates almost everything in life...ESPECIALLY SINGING. Your personality will dictate the way you drive, the foods you eat, what you do with your free time...and certainly how you sing. I had a hard time finding a teacher who knew how bad I wanted to sing outside of the lines every now and again but still sing in a safe way. To sing in a way that sounded a bit crazy but wasn't harmful. Most teachers I've worked with are thinkers and struggle to have THICK STYLE.  As an artist I know that's what really sells records. The cool thing is there IS a way to use this technique to simply better what you already do. In other words blend style...which sells records...with technique which gives you the ability to make that style more effective and awesome. That's how I teach. Technique should simply make what you already do naturally.... even better.  =0)

Drew Dawson Davis