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I've worked with the best vocal coaches on the planet, and that training has not only opened doors in my voice which have allowed me to sing notes I never dreamed of, but also allowed me the opportunities of going through the doors and walking the gold record covered halls of major record labels and more. Because I've personally witnessed the importance of GREAT teaching, and I know ALL TOO WELL the frustration singers go through when trying to be their best, I now teach singers all over the world the way I wish I'd been taught. After this many years of searching this matter out in every way possible, I now pride myself as being the best there is. I've made the mistakes and put the time and energy into perfecting voice so you won't have to. I'm passionate about helping frustrated singers who's greatness is stagnated by their limitations. It doesn't have to be that way, and I WILL help you. You WILL make amazing progress! On top of teaching voice I also work with the best song writers, and producers in the music industry, and have done so over the past 17 years. Who will you trust your voice with?

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