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Ryan Lindsay (Country Artist)

Drew’s vocal pedagogy encourages development of strong foundational vocal technique, while at the same time works to harness what makes ones voice unique when it comes to integrating that practice into popular music. Drew doesn’t shy away from preserving the creative side of singing, and as an artist himself, he steps up to bat with a wealth of personal experience both as a singer and a coach.

Mike Janetti

I sing ALL the time, and about 6 months ago, my voice was ROCKED!  I pulled, belted, had NO head tones whatsoever, and my tonality wasn’t really where I wanted it to be. I started taking lessons with Drew and noticed little changes in my voice every other week.  People watched videos I put up and some said I needed some work, (which I did) 6 months later, my tonality improved drastically, a lot of the dirt came out of my voice (excessive vocal pops, etc). I uploaded a new video, and I had this woman crying because she was so happy and amazed at the progress I’ve made. This guy changed the way I sing. Unlike other vocal coaches, if you “can’t” do something with your voice, he will NOT give up! He will teach you every secret to singing that there is! He’s studied voice for over 17 years! In fact, this guy is even my favorite singer, and I watch his covers all the time on YouTube. He can back up what he’s teaching with the way he sings. I fully believe that EVERYONE who is looking to take vocal lessons and wants to become a singer one day should look him up and take lessons with him. Give it time, and he will change the way you sing forever!

Susie Worth

You make your lessons so fun! Ever since I discovered your videos, you have made me want to sing and now that you are my teacher, I want you teach me everything you know!!!! I have really improved on my voice, and I want to try everything you have to throw at me and continue work on it. You are really an awesome teacher and a great person and I am thankful to have met you and to call you my singing teacher. Not only do I see you as a teacher but I also see you as a friend of mine.

Cameron Cocoran

  Okay, y'all. I'm going to put this out there right now because it needs to be said. I have spent countless hours over the course of 9 years, busting my butt in voice lessons. I stumbled upon Drew on youtube by a complete freak accident, ironically in the height of a depression over my vocals. Long story short: I've been working with him for not even two months, and I can do things with my voice that, even with nine years of training, could my voice never dream of doing. Also, I've never experienced such a relaxed, encouraging environment, which I think will do nothing but send positive energy to the student. One of the best things about the whole experience is that you will actually learn and understand WHY your voice needs to be set up a certain way to function at its maximum level. I think that is HUGE in making the process much more effective and speeds up the process. Call it a blessing or pure luck, but, I couldn't be happier. If you've been toying with the idea of getting yourself lessons, DO IT! It's worth it. Thanks, buddy!   

Jason Schuler

All I can say is...."the man" 

Jennifer Rothschild

I sang for years and never learned the things about voice that Drew has taught me.

Rodney Goldman

Drew helped me sing the high notes I always wanted but didn't know how to get without popping into falsetto. Now I'm singing awesome. Thanks Drew!

James Rockman

"I'm finally excited about singing my favorite songs again. You were the only one who helped me do that." 

Casey Briar

I was tired of choir teachers telling me how to sing in ways that didn't make sense to me. They never felt right in my voice and I new I was straining. Drew got rid of all of that. Thanks Drew!

Jeff Zielinski

I went to many vocal coaches before I found Drew. He's the only coach who helped changed my voice in awesome ways forever. I had problems with tons of vocal tension and Drew helped get rid of all of that. My other coaches didn't even know what a "Mixed Voice" was let alone have the ability to teach me how to sing in one. Thank you Drew...I owe you big time!

Ashley Houser

 "Drew is a master at what he does, and a breath of fresh air when it comes to singing. I have learned more than I ever dreamed working with him and always look forward to what new things he'll teach me." 

Jenny/Gary Hirsch

I love Drew and enjoy taking singing lessons from him. He's awesome and helps me find my voice by giving me amazing practices.  I also enjoy the way he teaches me how to sing like Gary Levox and prays with me before we do voice lessons.